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In November, 2012 I purchased some sports bras from www.epicsports.com. When I received them two of the bras had black spots on them, with one of them having a piece of black elastic floating between the bra and lining that was highly noticeable from the outside of the bra. I also received a third bra that looked like it had been drug across a dirty floor.

I contacted Epic Sports immediately and they told me I needed to send them pictures of the merchandise so I did. Then I received an e-mail back telling me they sent the pictures to JB Bloomers and that I would have to ship the bras back for them to inspect, so I did.

Today I received an e-mail back from Epic Sports telling me that JB Bloomers was not going to give me full credit on the items because they were returned soiled and with dog hair on them??? Well yes, of course they were soiled!!! That's why I returned them!!!!

I will never purchase a product again made by JB Bloomers, nor will I purchase again from Epic Sports. Both company's are a complete joke and neither of them will admit to sending me crappy product.

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